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Baby Photographer

  Where Can I Find Affordable Baby Photography in Calgary?

Is there anything more rewarding than looking through a photo album of your loved ones? Having tangible photographs to cement memories can be a type of magic in and of itself. If you are a family expecting a new addition, you might want to keep an eye out for the best baby photography in Calgary. After all, a professional baby photographer can capture works of art that fit right at home within your family photo album. Let's talk about booking your newborn photography session with Claire Natalie Photography.


Claire Natalie Photography was established by Claire after moving to Canada just four years ago. Claire came to Canada by way of South Africa along with her two loving children. As a passionate artist and photographer, Claire spent years working in the petrochemical industry after earning her BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Her newborn studio is located in SW Calgary and it is stocked with industry-standard equipment. Families never knew how good baby photography in Calgary could look!


More than just a photographer, Claire works hard to provide the ultimate experience for expecting families that engage in her services. As your newborn will likely be nude throughout the shoot, Claire makes sure that the warmth of her studio matches the comfort of the child. Additionally, Claire completely understands the unpredictable nature of working with an infant, so she is more than happy to be understanding during feeding or fussing sessions.


If you opt to hire Claire for your baby photographer needs, you will want to book a date at your earliest convenience. Most mothers will book their newborn photography date at some point during the second trimester. Newborns photograph the best when they are between 5 and 14 days old. Sessions with Claire Natalie can last between 1.5 and 3 hours with select digital images to be released in the week following your session.

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