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Newborn Family Photos

  Share Warmth and Joy With Professional Newborn Family Photos

Are you expecting another addition to your family? In the realm of professional photography, no service is more important or satisfying than shooting newborn family photos. Newborn family photos can make a beautiful moment last forever with your loved one as the primary subject. If you are looking for newborn family photos, you are going to want to be prepared. As you will soon see, hiring a newborn photographer in Calgary is easier than ever, but you'll still want to be prepared for the session.


Claire Natalie Photography is a professional newborn photographer in Calgary. Claire Natalie uses her private newborn studio to create newborn family photos that will stand the test of time, bringing a tear to the eye of families as they look back on such a special moment. With a keen eye for detail and a simple and comfortable process, you are guaranteed to get something wonderful when you book your newborn photography session. With that being said, you are going to want to make sure that you attend your session with the right preparation in mind.


For newborn family photos from Claire Natalie, you will want to begin looking to book your session during your second trimester. As most newborn babies photograph best at ages 5 to 14 days, making prompt scheduling decisions can improve your session. After reaching out to schedule your session, Claire will send information regarding what to expect during the shoot as well as what you should bring upon arrival. Photography sessions are taken in a professional studio that has been heated to the comfort level of your infant. Throughout the session, your newborn is free to fuss or sleep as they desire. Upon the completion of your shoot, Claire will post a pair of images to social media before sending the entirety of your shoot in digital format.

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