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What age should my baby be for newborn photos?

Hi everyone, I'm Claire and I have a passion for taking newborn photos. I am a Calgary based newborn and maternity photographer .

A common question I get is...when should I come for my newborn photos?? Now I know... I've had two babies's not easy juggling no sleep, dealing with post pregnancy fun and thinking about a photo session!!

The best age to allow your baby to settle and get those adorable cute photos would be 7-14 days old!! Don't cry just yet!! I know.... how are you meant to get out of the house with a 7 day old baby. Trust me... Don't worry about how you look (bring a brush and you can get yourself together in my studio), make sure you have a baby, a packed bag with extra formula and come and chill in my studio!! The effort is worth it in the end and you can chill while I take gorgeous photos of your baby.

After 3 weeks it's VERY difficult to photograph a newborn as they are alot more alert, extremely strong and well just aren't as easy to settle (but yes we can wrap them up tight and I'm used to doing that too!!)

So there you have it... Lets create memories and capture these precious newborn moments we forget so quickly!!

Smiles are sheer luck...but so cute!!!


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