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Your Baby is the Boss

I have so many parents desperate for those gorgeous unwrapped sleepy newborn poses. Yes ... I love them too!!! However I just wanted to write a post about how your baby guides your newborn session.

I do like to avoid disappointment but also I am super patient and will keep trying to get you amazing poses!!

I do have a "getting prepared" document that all my Clients receive before their session, however with a newborn, as we all know, it doesn't always go to plan!!

Your little one might be completely content being mostly naked while I pose him / her or might just not be having it!! No pose is guaranteed. When in doubt and after much patting and shushing and rocking... we always have the wrapped poses!! (they love these!!)

It’s best to come in to your newborn session prepared for anything, but most importantly be relaxed and trust that I will make sure you get gorgeous photos.

Know that I put all my energy into every session I have and my goal is to make sure that you have an amazingly enjoyable experience in my studio and get gorgeous newborn photos. Every baby is different and has his or her own little challenges during a session. This is what makes for unique photos that show their little personalities from as young as 1 week old!!

Here's to making memories and capturing love xoxo


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