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Newborn Photographer

  Who Is the Best Photographer in Calgary For Newborn Photos?

When it comes time to hire the best photographer in Calgary, there are several different routes that you could take. With that being said, hiring a professional photographer with a private newborn studio is a completely different affair. Claire Natalie is a professional photographer who operates out of SW Calgary. After living in South Africa, Claire relocated to Canada along with her two incredible children to pursue her photography career. Natalie has long had a passion for the arts and now she is sharing those gifts with the world. If you desire a newborn photography session, you are in the right place!


Hiring a newborn photographer requires some nuance and understanding. You will need to begin the booking process during the second trimester so that Claire can promise your availability. Your booking will be slotted a week after delivery, though changes are obvious and expected. Claire offers last-minute booking options for individuals in special circumstances, though those sessions are subject to availability. After locking in your official session, Claire will reach out with all of the appropriate information concerning your photoshoot.


When you book Claire Natalie and her professional newborn studio, you are guaranteeing yourself beautiful images that will last forever. Claire's professional newborn studio features industry-standard equipment as well as appropriate heating to ensure that your child's comfort is always the most important priority. During the entirety of the shoot, your child is welcome to fuss or nap as they see fit. Claire understands that working with infants can bring about surprises, so she works hard to understand and accommodate wherever possible.


If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session, head to Claire Natalie Photography's website, today. Claire has a beautiful portfolio of subjects from past shoots, so feel free to look at them for inspiration before your booking!

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